SVGt 1.2 Tests: coords-constr-201-t assumes ref(svg, 10, 10) to be static

Hi All,
In the SVGt 1.2 Tests test coords-constr-201-t has a piece that says:
<g transform="ref(svg,10,10)" fill="blue">
  <circle cx="40" cy="150" r="15"/>
  <text x="60" y="160" stroke="none" font-size="12">Cannot be
transformed by the user agent transform.</text>

The text and the reference image imply that the circle should not move
despite the 
current user transform. However the spec says that in section 7.7.5 The
TransformRef value:
"The x and y parameters are optional. If they are specified an 
additional translation is appended to the transform so that (0, 0)
in the element's user space maps to (x, y) in the 'svg' element's 
user space. If no x and y parameters are specified, no additional 
translation is applied." 

This would indicate that elements contained in the group above should
but not otherwise transform, when different user transforms are applied
to the 
document. Is this correct?

  - Kalle Raita

Kalle Raita 
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Received on Friday, 14 March 2008 13:44:47 UTC