Re: Applying SVG properties to non-SVG content

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 9:39 AM, Robin Berjon <> wrote:

> On Jul 11, 2008, at 20:58 , Bert Bos wrote:
>  Opera currently seems to ignore the fragment ID and just draw the whole
>> SVG file. The MIME type definition for image/svg+xml doesn't seem to
>> say anything about fragment IDs.
> Opera uses them for backgrounds, which is a different case that involves
> SVG Views which I'm not sure Opera implements.
> Processing of fragments (especially the parts IMHO of most relevance to
> Robert's spec) can be found by plodding around starting from FuncXMLRI:

Thanks for the link, I didn't know about those specs. The section on "SVG
fragment identifiers" is interesting:
We definitely don't want to create anything that conflicts with that.
Currently that spec doesn't consider the issue of a fragment identifier that
links to a paint server resource; it's not clear what the bounding-box is.
(The spec for bounding boxes says that such elements will "throw an
exception", but that doesn't help here...)

For the sake of avoiding collisions in this area, I think using something
other than url(...) would be appropriate.

Isn't this the part where you're supposed to twist Robert's arm until he
> agrees to edit the spec so that it doesn't have to deprioritise other
> things? :)

I already agreed. Hmm, but does that mean I need to join a working group or
two? Aiya.

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