Property to disable SVG filters

There is some thought that Mozilla's current implementation of SVG
filters are too slow, and that they should be disabled by default in
order not to scare content developers from ever using this feature in
the future:

There is also some discussion in the following bug:

If we decide to do this, people seem to be gravitating towards the
proposal put forward by Ken Stacey to add a -moz-filter-rendering
property as follows:

  Value: auto | optimizeSpeed | optimizeQuality | inherit
  Initial: auto
  Applies to: container elements, graphics elements
  Inherited: yes

In Firefox 3, we'd treat auto = optimizeSpeed = pretend we don't
implement filters and render the geometry unfiltered.

How does the SVG WG and other implementor feel about this?  If it's
acceptable to the WG, we could remove the -moz- property prefix.

We'd appreciate an answer to this issue soon, as we're about a week
from code freeze.

Received on Wednesday, 23 January 2008 17:16:16 UTC