Re: Property to disable SVG filters

A few points:

1. As Robert points out, filter rendering performance is not confined to
Mozilla.  I think there is a case for a non-mozilla-specific property.

2. A filter-rendering property (like color-rendering) is an author hint
to the viewing agent.  How the viewing agent responds (or ignores) the
hint is mostly up to the viewing agent.

Tor writes:
> In Firefox 3, we'd treat auto = optimizeSpeed = pretend we don't 
> implement filters and render the geometry unfiltered.

That doesn't mean that 'auto' and 'optimizeSpeed' will forever disable
filters.  As filter performance improves in future releases, auto can
move toward optimizeQuality, as can optimizeSpeed.

3. Using filterRes

Oliver writes:
> This worries me, we already have filterRes which can be used to tune
> down the quality in exchange for performance.

This forever locks the content to a tuned down quality across all
viewing agents (unless the viewing agent ignores filterRes).  As a
rendering hint, each viewing agent can do the best it can (now and in
the future).

4. If you make an assumption that filter rendering performance is always
going to improve over time, then the output (quality) for each value of
filter-rendering is going to improve also.  The only downside I see is
that the property could become obsolete (the same goes for color-rendering).

Received on Thursday, 24 January 2008 04:41:48 UTC