Re: definition of "character" in SVG 1.1 or 1.2:


do you have a link to a list of characters in ISO10646?

It's hard to file a bug, when UAs perform differently, and one cannot  
understand the spec.
hence my query.

does it for instance include the return, space and arrow keys?

what's even worse if authors don't and they produce stuff that works  
but will be broken, when the relevant bug gets fixed ~:"

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> definition of "character" in SVG 1.1 or 1.2:
> How is character to be interpreted in:
> accessKey-value ::= "accessKey(" character ")"
> is this limited to values of 26 letters and 10 numerals.

The SMIL Animation spec is the place to look for that information (at  
least in SVG 1.1), it says: "The character is a single character from  

> Opera appears to be limited to this meaning, shift already being  
> used to trigger accessKey

That's another separate issue, which has little to do with the  
standard. Opera has a number of one-keystroke shortcuts which may  
conflict with accessKeys at any time, and I believe that was part of  
the reason there is a special keycombo for getting a list of and  
using the accesskeys in a document.

If you feel it's an implementation bug then this is not the place to  
report it, instead please use

> Please note that Squiggle appears to support all printable  
> characters eg -+>....
> including capitalisation as separately defined DdAa...
> It is also significant that the space bar and arrows have well  
> defined meanings and would be of accessibility benefit. Something  
> similar to accessKey(keyCode(32)) would seem helpful, unless there  
> is a more transparent or well known method.

SVGT12 references the DOM 3 Events spec, which defines some key  
identifiers. However it's still in working draft status.
The SMIL Animation 2.1 spec (referenced from SVGT12) also defines  
character in accessKey as "The character is a single character from  
[ISO10646].", but is overridden by the new SVGT12 definition.


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