Re: SVG1.1 New Accessibility Guidelines? & keyboard

About the begin element for animation elements:
The value is a (semicolon separated) list, not just one possibility:

As a device independent event 'activate' is useful, therefore
in doubt the author may add it as an additional begin event
value to ensure better accessibility. Additionally sometimes
the restart attribute may help to avoid some undesired 
situations with multiple begins (before you are dissappointed,
for example Opera ignores 'activate' currently unfortunately. 
And some more complex situations with restart may be wrong 
in some viewers too ;o)

From Opera I know, accessKey is partly supported. One needs
additional keys to activate something, but in SMIL it is noted, 
that no further key should be required:
Therefore usable, but not completely correct, independent from the question, 
whether it may be a practical problem for general purpose viewers to do
this without a further key ;o) 

I cannot understand, how the lazy interaction sample from SMIL is related
to you question. The value of an end attribute can be a list too, this is
similar to begin. Additionally there are different possibilities in SMIL
animation to have influence on the active duration with different 
attributes, this can be very complex and several viewers in the past
and the present do not interprete all this completely correct - therefore
currently I would like to suggest authors to keep the end of active
duration simple, but to check and discuss more complex situations 
independently to improve both the general understanding of authors
and implementors and the behaviour of viewers.

Received on Saturday, 19 January 2008 13:35:47 UTC