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Yes, that's exactly my point. I just wanted to mention, that there would
be use cases for this kind of transformation.

Actually, I think that shouldn't be done by @transform. I thought more
of a filter or a mask, that one could apply. E.g.,

<boundingBoxMap id="map">
    <path d="some path, where the first M maps to the left upper corner
of the bounding box" />

<path d="..." bounding-box-map="url(#map)" />

I haven't thought of the concrete realisation, I just wanted to raise
the topic.


Steve Schafer wrote:

>On Thu, 24 May 2007 14:49:46 +0200, you wrote:
>>OK, I don't want to have a "third dimension" in SVG (yet), but I guess
>>transformations of the bounding box like this are quite often to happen
>>to design people. E.g., both Photoshop and GIMP offer the possibility
>>not only to rotate and skew a layer but also to "perspectively
>>transform" it, which is exactly what I'm searching for (actually, it's
>>the implementation of the second way I mentioned above).
>Perspective transformations are non-affine, whereas the transformation
>capabilities in SVG allow for only affine transformations. That's why
>you can't find any SVG-esque way to do what you want. (In particular,
>transforming a rectangle into a trapezoid is a non-affine
>transformation, because it takes lines that were originally parallel and
>makes them not parallel.)
>Steve Schafer
>Fenestra Technologies Corp.

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