Re: 30th anniversary of Star Wars


but I think, there are affine 3D-transformation sufficient 
for this purpose.

What you can do is to use a SVG font and a script
(shell, perl, php, c, fortran ...) to transform any 
glyph as you like in 3D and save it after a 
projection to 2D SVG again as a new font.

Now you have some usable glyphs for the effect.
And because it is your SVG font, you know how it behaves
related to a change of the font-size.
The remaining part is to fill some text elements with
glyphs displayed in this transformed font.
Then you have to calculate the needed values for
the font-size animation.
As a next step you have the choice either to 
animate x and y attributes of the text elements 
or to use animateTransform or animateMotion 
for each text-element to get the desired effect.

It gets much more interesting if the 3D-transformation
changes within the animation. Then you have to calculate
a larger number of new fonts and to animate 
font-family too and you have to rename the game into 
'font wars' ;o)

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