Re: SVG Linking Test Case Questions

Hi, Boris-

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Chris Lilley wrote:
>> Right. HTML 4.0 spec is very poorly worded in this respect
> Absolutely.

Well, it seems we'll be afforded the opportunity to fix that, finally.

>> In fact that was cleared up on list (by Sjoerd among others)
> Was Sjoerd speaking for the SVG working group?  I don't seem to recall 
> ever seeing an official SVG Working Group response to the issue.

He was not speaking for the SVG WG, but I think he best summarized the 

Shortly after this issue was raised, I created a test for the various 
values of "target" in the various contexts ('iframe', 'object', and 
'embed' elements). [1]  It occurs to me now that I should also have 
tested inline SVG behavior, and that is indeed something that should be 
done for CDF's test suite.

The tests satisfied me, and the SVG WG, that the behavior we had in the 
spec was rational and consistent with the defacto behavior of at least 
some UAs. I did not, but certainly should have, reported this back to 
this list.  I was traveling at the time, and came back to the office to 
a load of work.  I apologize for not following up earlier.  (I do recall 
that you and I had several chat discussions about this, though.)

> Basically, it sounds like we all agree about how this should work and we 
> just need to make sure the specs say what we agree on (so people don't 
> have to go to the mailing list archives and look at the confusing 
> discussion).

Agreed.  By all means, let's get this behavior consistent across specs 
and browsers... if for no other reason, than for my own sanity as an author.


-Doug, on behalf of the SVG WG

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