Re: SVG Linking Test Case Questions


Chris Lilley wrote:
 > On Thursday, March 29, 2007, 9:34:56 PM, Jeff wrote:
 > JS> For practical use of SVG with HTML on the web today,
 > JS> I'd like to be able to tell one browser A that they
 > JS> need to get in sync with browser B.  In this case, I
 > JS> believe the correct behavior is exhibited by Mozilla
 > JS> and that Opera/Konqueror are at fault (because there was no
 > JS> target="_top" on the link).  But actually I'm still not 100%
 > JS> confident in that because I'm not sure that the HTML object
 > JS> is really a "frame" in the parlance of HTML links...
 > I'd like to do some more testing - actually Doug Schepers had some
 > tests for this - and would like to see them in the CDF test suite.

I don't have individual tests suitable for a test suite, per se... I 
made a page with a few frames and content in 'iframe', 'object', and 
'embed' elements, and made a table of the results on 3 popular browsers 
(on Windows).  It's out of date, but the tests and results are here:


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