Re: SVG12: prefetch attribute defaults

* Robin Berjon wrote:
>>   In the
>> draft is unclear about the semantics of missing attributes, e.g., in 
>> SMIL a missing bandwidth attribute would default to 100% which means
>> the implementation should use all available bandwidth. SVG apparently
>> does not "adopt" this as if <prefetch /> is equivalent to <prefetch
>> bandwith="100%" /> the document would be non-conforming. Please change
>> the draft such that default values for all optional attributes are
>> well-defined.
>Since prefetch is a hint from the content author to the implementation, 
>the absence of that hint or of a detail in that hint simply means that 
>the user had no intent to specify it and that the implementation is 
>encouraged to do whatever it thinks is best. Therefore there is no need 
>for a default value on these attributes as it would be meaningless.

This does not satisfy me; at the very least the draft needs to state
explicitly that an implementation must "do whatever it thinks is best"
if that is so intended. But I do not see how that would be acceptable
either, if SVG's prefetch and SMIL's prefetch element are used in the
same document, it's highly likely that such differences cause confusion
and non-compliant implementations, so, please change the draft such
that there are no such differences; failing that, I might reconsider my
position if there is explicit feedback from the SYMM and CDF WGs that
they support such differnces.
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