Re: [SVGMobile12] 2.1.5: SVG not appropriate for multi-namespace use

On 21/05/2005, at 6:55 AM, L. David Baron wrote:

> concepts.html#Namespace
> says that SVG is intended to be used in multi-namespace environments.
> Until the comments in [1] regarding SVG's introduction of unitless
> length values are addressed, this is not possible to do while  
> conforming
> both to SVG and to CSS1, which was a W3C recommendation well before  
> SVG.
> I request that the statement that SVG is appropriate for use in
> multi-namespace environments in combination with languages such as  
> be removed or that the comments in [1] regarding unitless lengths be
> addressed adequately.

SVG Mobile 1.2 does not use CSS stylesheets, nor have a style
attribute. This is an issue for the "full" SVG 1.2.

[In fact, it might be easier to define SVG Mobile 1.2 without
any reference to CSS because it seems the mention of CSS causes
a lot of concern in implementers]

Reading through SVG Mobile 1.2 quickly, I see some places where
we should make it clearer that CSS does not apply (eg. we say
the "font-size" property is shared between CSS 2.0 and SVG when,
as you suggest, SVG allows unitless lengths).

I'm not dismissing the issue in general, but I don't think
it applies to SVG Mobile 1.2 itself. It's either a SVG Full 1.2
issue or a CDF issue.


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