Re: [SVG 1.2] 7 multimedia

"Antoine Quint" <>
> On 15 nov. 03, at 17:14, Jim Ley wrote:
> >> As far I understand, <video> is a "subclass" of <image>, and it should
> >> just not render.
> >
> > I will certainly raise an issue against this, video, like images have
> > a size
> > and they should be consistent with the behaviour of including an SVG
> > image
> > defined the same.  It should render.
> Huh? <image> does not render for 0 value width and/or height. Or did
> you mean something else?

Yes, this is a still open issue from 1.1 as regards image, I believe the
same should be true for video (although perhaps less so, as it generally
only has pixel info, rather than anything else.)

>  And please, don't raise your guns with issues
> right away, constructuve feedback like you send is sufficient for us to
> take notice and make for a more gentle exchange. It's just a draft.

Yes, but I feel it's important that you're aware which are the parts where I
will raise an issue, distinct from those where I'm just giving my input.


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