Re: [SVG 1.2] 7 multimedia

Hi Antoin

> Hi Sigur(d), :)
> >> As I understand, like with any element, if the "begin" attribute has a
> >> negative value, the media will be started by the offset specified.
> >> This
> >> remains to be checked as I don't have an implementation on my machine
> >> that implements this (ASV6 seems not to). I copied Patrick Schmitz, he
> >> should know (I may very well be talking nonsense here)...
> >
> > What about the clipBegin attribute from SMIL
> It is not supported in SVG as far as I know. SVG is just a host
> language for SMIL Animation and does not have the same feature.
> Likewise, the newly-introduced <audio> and <video> elements are SVG
> elements, not SMIL.

I thought we were discussing features of the not yet finalized SVG 1.2, I
suggest adding clipBegin to video and audio elements. My viewer already
supports that attribute.

> > Using a negative begin would require you wrap the media element in
> > another
> > time container, and set the begin value of when you really want to
> > start the
> > media on the time container instead of on the media element itself.
> In SVG, there is no need to wrap in another time container, offset
> times are relative to document begin. See SVG 1.1 spec [0]:

Again, I thought we were discussing SVG 1.2, which introduce <par> and <seq>

> "For SMIL Animation, this describes the element begin as an offset from
> an implicit syncbase. For SVG, the implicit syncbase begin is defined
> to be relative to the document begin. Negative begin times are entirely
> valid and easy to compute, as long as there is a resolved document
> begin time."

Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Saturday, 15 November 2003 11:28:52 UTC