Re: [SVG 1.2] Other notes.

Hey Jim,

> "Antoine Quint" <> wrote in message
>> and someone would have to do it RCC.
> That's what we have you for...

It seems that it's everyone's assumption these days, but where the damn 
RCC contracts???

>> Current extended links is basically simple instructions to have
>> native UI pop-up with a bunch of associated links show up.
> I don't know of a native UI that behaves that way for my OS,

I meant that it would pop-up a native UI menu  la ASV contextMenu.

> and if it can't
> be styled, I'm not sure how many people would really use it, when they 
> could
> just over-ride it by RCC to get a proper styled reference.

The guys who don't care so much about beautiful graphics and want a 
profile without RCC, like the guys I hinted at previously who were the 
first motivation for this feature.

> However by
> including it within SVG, we can no longer RCC it (as currently 
> defined) so
> we're stuck with either the default rendering or a proprietary syntax.

Indeed, that needs to be solved.

> I would like a method to disable the default handling, and have it
> rendered - being able to RCC any SVG element though would probably be 
> more
> useful - certainly SVG elements which have no visual rendering should 
> be
> easy to specify, and very useful to me.

Spot on.

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