Re: [SVG 1.2] 7 multimedia

"Antoine Quint" <> wrote in message

> As for your question, I feel the draft is clear enough at the end of
> section 7.3: "If the element has an element volume of 0, then the
> output signal will be inaudible. If the element has an element volume
> of 1, then the output signal will be at the system volume level.
> Neither the audio-level property or the element volume override the
> system volume setting."

Sorry yes, this is reasonably clear - My concern with this is that authors
will often want their normal volume at 0.8 to provide room to go up to 1.0
for loud effects, I have my volume very low, so it's just audible, and 0.8
won't be, meaning I'd only get the loud effects, what I'd actually prefer is
that all the sounds were the same volume.   Of course this may not be what
authors want.

> As far I understand, <video> is a "subclass" of <image>, and it should
> just not render.

I will certainly raise an issue against this, video, like images have a size
and they should be consistent with the behaviour of including an SVG image
defined the same.  It should render.


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