Re: Retiring Obsolete CSS Notes

On 2018-09-06 23:49, Florian Rivoal wrote:
> Hi all,
> PLH and I were talking about obsoleting and superseding stuff, and I
> checked the status on the CSS-WG's Notes.
> One that I was surprised to find there is the CSS  Profile
> ( I thought we had retired it, along
> with all other profiles, which are indeed no longer showing in that
> index page.
> I have not yet been able to locate the resolution where we decided to
> do so, but the text in the 2018 CSS Snapshot ED (still pending
> publication, sorry for procrastinating) agrees with my memory:
>> 2.2. CSS Profiles
>> Not all implementations will implement all functionality defined in 
>> CSS.
>> In the past, the Working Group published a few Profiles, which were 
>> meant to define the minimal subset of CSS that various classes of User 
>> Agents were expected to support.
>> This effort has been discontinued, as the Working Group was not 
>> finding it effective or useful, and the profiles previously defined 
>> are now unmaintained.
> Did we carve out an exception that I'm failing to remember for the
> Print Profile, or did it just slip through the cracks where we retired
> the others?
> Speaking of which, I'll note that other profiles
> ( &
> while correctly missing from the TR index page, do not carry any
> indication inside the document that they are obsolete either.
> Regardless of what happened previous, I think all 3 profiles should be
> fully obsoleted.

 From the minutes[1] I guess it slipped through the cracks. All three 
specs' ED has obsoletion notes, but css-print's TR version does not have 
an obsoletion note.

Moreover, in the "current work" page[2], CSS Print Profile is listed as 
"ComĀ­pleted" rather than "Abandoned".


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