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On 06-Sep-18 11:49, Florian Rivoal wrote:
> Another Note I did not expect to find on the TR index page is "CSS Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" ( Last published in 2000, it seems very outdated to me.

I agree this is very outdated.

It is a support document for WCAG 1.0, while the current version of WCAG 
is 2.1
W3C Recommendation 05 June 2018

note that resolves to WCAG 2.1, implying 
WCAG 1.0 is superceeded by it?

WCAG 2.1 has it's own support document
W3C Editor's Draft 22 August 2018

linked from

which includes a CSS section.

I would link to that section, except the document has poor 
accessibility, uses list items instead of headings [see ] and has no IDs 
so I can't link to the CSS Techniques section, nor does it show up in 
the table of contents.

>   Some of it still makes sense, but some assumes things that aren't true any more. Examples
> * It suggests that physical units like the pt unit should only being used on medium whose physical size you know
> * It claims color names to be avoided in preference to numeric colors, presumably because color names were unpredictable and you couldn't be sure you'd get good contrast
> * It recommends floats and abspos as the main way to do layout, layering, and alignment
> There should be better resources than this nowadays. This looks like a good candidate for obsoleting as well. It does have nice screenshots of Opera 4.01, though.

CSSWG should probably review the WCAG 2.1 CS techniques to be sure that 
they make sense and do not recommend any bad practices or make 
unwarranted assumptions.

Given that though, perhaps the CSS techniques for WCAG 1.0 can be 

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