Re: [css-grid] [css-align] Grid is now CR, but what about css-align?

On 10/03/2016 03:37 PM, Christian Biesinger wrote:
> Align has sort of three components to it:
> - General alignment for blocks
> - Extended alignment properties for Flex
> - The properties for Grid

I think this view is incorrect.  CSS Align also applies to table
and multi-column layout.  I think the intention is that it covers
all kinds of layout.

> We (Blink) only want to implement the Grid part and probably the Flex
> part, for now.

We (Gecko) intend to do the same.  We will support all of CSS Align
that applies to Grid before shipping Grid, including baselines and
the parts that applies to abs.pos. descendants.

Our reasoning behind that decision is that it would be a lot of work
to implement Align for blocks/tables/columns and it would seriously
delay shipping Grid if we blocked on that.  Secondly, we thought that
it would be confusing for authors to have to deal with incomplete
support for Grid (especially if other UA vendors decide to support
a different subset).  It's easier to deal with an all-or-nothing
per module approach.

 > However, I am not sure whether "align-content: baseline" should be
 > considered more part of the "applies to blocks" or "necessary for
 > grid"?

CSS Align/Grid says that it applies to both grid containers and grid
items so it's an essential part of Grid layout as I see it.


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