[css-grid] [css-align] Grid is now CR, but what about css-align?

Hi there,

I see that Grid is now a CR. Yay!

However, Grid has normative dependencies on Align, which is only a WD. How
does that work? Shouldn't Align also be a CR, at least for those parts used
by Grid?

Align has sort of three components to it:
- General alignment for blocks
- Extended alignment properties for Flex
- The properties for Grid

We (Blink) only want to implement the Grid part and probably the Flex part,
for now. The working group has previously supported this approach. However,
I am not sure whether "align-content: baseline" should be considered more
part of the "applies to blocks" or "necessary for grid"? I am thinking it
would be the latter (and thus not implement it for now), thoughts?


Received on Monday, 3 October 2016 13:38:53 UTC