Re: [css-grid] Remaining Grid Layout issues

On 11/21/2016 05:41 PM, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
 > 1) Alignment and shipment
 > So it seems their current plan is to ship the whole thing.

We shared our plans and reasoning about that, on this list, long
before our intent-to-ship:

IIUC, you're now implementing baseline alignment in Chrome too
so I don't understand what the fuss is about here...

 > 2) Implied minimum size of grid items

Frankly, it seems a tad late to make spec changes in these areas
now that the Grid spec is in CR, and after two implementors have
sent an Intent-to-ship.

As far as I know, Firefox is implementing what the specs say
regarding Implied Minimum Size and clamping/stretching, including
the ratio-preserving stretching for 'normal' that the CSSWG
resolved here:
(that's not in any spec yet, but that's just a formality IMO)

Can you clarify what spec changes you're suggesting *exactly*?

 > 3) Baseline alignment
 > Firefox has already implemented baseline alignment a while ago,

Yes, but note that we also have a few bugs in baseline alignment.
We intend to fix those before release.


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