Re: [css-flexbox] definite sizes & "width:auto" inside of a block

On 03/31/2016 01:13 PM, Christian Biesinger wrote:
> I would argue that *for flex items*, width: auto should not be
> considered definite because they shrink to fit.

That is orthogonal to my original question. The flexbox spec lays out
one case where flex items should be considered definite even with

> E.g. in (3.B), I
> don't think a column flexbox should consider a width:auto in a flex
> item to be considered definite for the purpose of aspect ratio
> calculations. What does the CSSWG think?

(Per our off-list discussion, I think you & I agree that "width:auto" on
a flex item would be considered definite in this scenario, if the flex
item is stretched & if the flex container has a definite cross size, per
point (1) of

This is orthogonal to the topic of this thread, though.)

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