Re: Towards a better testsuite

> On Mar 29, 2016, at 16:48, Geoffrey Sneddon <> wrote:

> But graph-like structures are fun! :)
> There's certainly some extra complexity here from the versioning of the
> testsuites. (FWIW, thus far we've avoided any need for versioning for
> wpt, which seems to have worked fine.) Going forward, we essentially
> have module testsuites which are supersets of the 2.1 testsuite which is
> a superset of the 1 testsuite. (Most tests that point to multiple specs
> are simply pointing to 2.1 and 3 definitions of the same feature.)
> That said, we haven't exactly maintained the level 1 testsuite, so maybe
> we can follow a wpt-like approach and only maintain the latest version.
> Maybe that's too radical, though. :)

I wasn't actually thinking of multi-level tests, but of cross spec tests,
that exercise multiple specs together. 

> We currently rely upon Apache's .htaccess files, which dependent on the
> AllowOverride setting could potentially lead to security issues; we
> don't currently actually have any server-side scripts in csswg-test, we
> just rely on for thatů (and that's something we badly need to
> change!).

As long as I'm not the one building it, I don't really care how its made,
as long as it works :)

 - Florian

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