RE: [selectors] Suggestion for :focus-ring pseudoclass

> On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 3:21 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. <>
> wrote:
> > I'm currently in discussion with Alice Boxhall and Brian Kardell about
> > their input modalities proposal (which we discussed at the f2f), but
> > one thing that came out of the discussion which seemed independently
> > relevant is the ability to directly style the "focus ring" state.
> >
> > By "focus ring" state, I mean the subset of :focus that, in the
> > absence of any overriding author styles, triggers a UA focus ring.
> > This currently happens any time a text input or [tabindex > 0] element
> > is focused, and when a button is *keyboard* focused (but not when it's
> > clicked).
> >
> > Mozilla has something approximately equivalent today, with
> > :-moz-focusring
> > <
> focusring>.
> > (The only difference is that it doesn't match anything if "focus ring
> > drawing" is turned off.)
> >
> > The main benefit of such a thing is that, today, if the default UA
> > focus ring style does not work well with your site's theme, you're
> > kinda screwed.  You can manually write a :focus rule, but you can't
> > predict when an element would have a focus ring drawn; you'll
> > unfortunately start drawing focus rings when the user mouse-clicks a
> > button.  Using :focus-ring instead does the right thing automatically,
> > triggering your styles only when the UA determines via heuristics that
> > it should draw a focus ring.
> >
> > (Those heuristics might not always be right, and that's part of my
> > continuing conversation with Alice and Brian, but that's separable
> > from this topic.)
> >
> > Thoughts?
> So, it's been a few months since I brought up this topic.  Any further thoughts
> or objections, or should I spec this?  If so, should it go into Selectors 4, or
> push off to Selectors 5?

How about you support adding the :loading and :error pseudo-classes from, and I support adding :focus-ring? Deal? Nah, okay, just kidding ^_^

That looks useful to me, one implementation already exists, and I see no reason not to add this in the spec. That would make us able to explain some more UA magic inside the css ua stylesheet, which looks useful on its own.

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