Re: [csswg] Agenda conf call 16-Mar-2016

On 16/03/2016 03:42, Rossen Atanassov wrote:

> 2. CSSOM 4 Selectors review

My comments about that section:

Ok in general but "escaped" is being used all over the place while the
link from that word usually targets the serialization of an identifier;
so "escaped" is defined for characters but undefined for sequences of
Another comment is about pseudo-element parsing/serialization that
is not defined by css-pseudo-4 ATM. Issue 3 of selectors-4 reads
"Pseudo-elements aren't handled here, and should be". Do we want to
deal with their serialization and parsing in section 4 or in their
own spec or in selectors-4? IMHO, it should be done here in section 4
of the om.

Section 4.2, first paragraph:

  Replace "then serialize the group" by "then serialize a comma-
  separated list of these serializations"

Section 4.2, type selector/universal selector, item 3:

  Replace "escaped element name" by "the serialization of the
  element name as an identifier"

Section 4.2, attribute selector, item 2:

  Replace "escaped namespace prefix" by "the serialization of the
  namespace prefix as an identifier"

..., item 3:

  Replace "escaped attribute name" by "the serialization of the
  attribute name as an identifier"

..., item 4:

  Replace "string escaped attribute value" by "serialization of the
  attribute value as a string"

Section 4.2, class selector:

  Replace "escaped class name" by "serialization of the class name as
  an identifier"

Section 4.2, ID selector:

  Replace "escaped ID" by "serialization of the ID as an identifier"

Section 4.2, :lang():

  Replace the whole thing by "The serialization of a comma-separated
  list of each argument's serialization as a string"


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