Re: [css-backgrounds] Let border-style apply to border-image

On 9 March 2016 at 09:20, L. David Baron <> wrote:
> On Wednesday 2016-03-09 08:56 +0100, Sebastian Zartner wrote:
>> The current behavior would be achieved by setting 'border-style' to 'solid'.
> How would this interact with 'border-image-width',
> 'border-image-outset', or with 'fill'?
> It doesn't seem to me that your statement that the current behavior
> (for non-default values of any of the above features) would be
> achieved with 'border-style: solid' would be true unless
> 'border-style: solid' were treated as a magic value that said "do
> border images the way they're done today".

You're right, that's a problem. Didn't think that far.
Treating 'solid' special sounds like a bad idea. Would it be possible
to introduce a new 'border-style' value for this like 'image' and let
it automatically compute to that value when 'border-image-source' is
set to something else than 'none'? This would make it at least a bit
more logical.

> It also seems like this proposal adds extra work to what
> implementations have to do (in a performance-sensitive area) for
> relatively little value to developers.  I think border images were
> intended to provide developers with an alternative to the usual
> border drawing path; imposing much of that path on them thus also
> seems somewhat counter to the design of the feature.

I guess, the main question is, why was border styling designed
differently than background in that way? This inconsistency causes
logical hurdles and constraints.

I mean, the border properties are generally somewhat inconsistent to
the background properties and also in themselves.
E.g. why is it not allowed to set multiple border images? Why is it
not allowed to set a border color and a border image at the same time?
Besides that, why is there an outset property only for border images
but not for all kinds of borders? Why are border images special
treated in regard of other border types?

(Sorry, I know those questions are beyond the scope of this thread,
but I think those are valid questions.)


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