Re: [css-backgrounds] Let border-style apply to border-image

On Wednesday 2016-03-09 08:56 +0100, Sebastian Zartner wrote:
> The current behavior would be achieved by setting 'border-style' to 'solid'.

How would this interact with 'border-image-width',
'border-image-outset', or with 'fill'?

It doesn't seem to me that your statement that the current behavior
(for non-default values of any of the above features) would be
achieved with 'border-style: solid' would be true unless
'border-style: solid' were treated as a magic value that said "do
border images the way they're done today".

It also seems like this proposal adds extra work to what
implementations have to do (in a performance-sensitive area) for
relatively little value to developers.  I think border images were
intended to provide developers with an alternative to the usual
border drawing path; imposing much of that path on them thus also
seems somewhat counter to the design of the feature.


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