RE: [mediaqueries] status and moving forward

>On 02/29/2016 03:19 AM, Florian Rivoal wrote:
>> While I believe that in most cases this will be an improvement, and
>> only extremely rarely will it actually make things worse, whether or
>> not this is true does vary on a site per site basis.
>> Would you be more comfortable with the a11y paragraph if we called
>> that out, and encouraged UAs that wish to expose this as a preference
>> for a11y reasons to have the ability to switch on a per site basis?
>>> I can live with light-level shipping as-is if we remove the
>>> a11y-related suggestions, if you feel this is critical.

I agree that I would like to remove the a11y focus within light-level and keep the use case focused on light intensity sensed by the device rather than make it a proxy for a11y purposes. I don't have a strong preference on whether that should be L4 or L5.

I would strongly like to avoid any prefer-* type MQs, they're basically syntactic "should" as seen in spec text and would be a nuisance to get interop on as well as make it possible for web devs to test/depend on. Additionally, I really want to caution around allowing authors to get in the middle of style calculation when trying to maintain a users' defined a11y settings at the OS level. We work really hard to ensure that the site maintains the expected result for the _user_ that requires the high-contrast changes of their other applications and its contents. If we allow authors to begin providing styles within those conditions, we could result in losing the high-contrast completely if the author doesn't take into account every possible condition an OS could have and possibly result in a loss of that user's assistance (eg: they change black background to white and remove the white on black high contrast, or change the text colors selected by the user for their contrast settings, etc).

I think it would be better to start at standardizing our -ms-high-contrast media query which gives authors some allowances but also allows us to ensure that the user is getting the expected end result of high contrast as experienced across the other applications and their content.



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