Re: [css-break] display:contents and break-before/after

On 03/01/2016 02:30 PM, Francois Remy wrote:
>>>> If we want this behavior, it needs to be explicitly specified what happens.
>>>> E.g. we could spec that the break gets propagated to its first child/last
>> child.
>>> LGTM
>> Well, okay, but imho this isn't sufficiently useful to justify the implementation
>> complexity. A box with 'display: contents'
>> doesn't actually exit, so unless we define special behavior for it, no other
>> properties can apply to it.
> Well, it looks like in Firefox something along those lines applies already,
> and they are the only browser implementing the feature at this point, so
> it looks like this was the easiest way to go for them at least.

Definitely not. Firefox's implementation of forced breaks is severely messed up,
which has all kinds of weird consequences, this presumably being one of them. It
will get ripped out and replaced with something architecturally sane, at which
point the current behavior will certainly not be the easiest way to go.


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