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[css-tables] Research papers on automatic table layout

From: Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 15:01:04 +0100
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At the CSS WG meeting, I mentioned some research into different 
algorithms for making more compact, better balanced tables. Here are 
some relevant papers:

Mihai Bilauca, Graeme Gange, Patrick Healy, Kim Marriott, Peter Moulder, 
Peter J. Stuckey (2015) Automatic Minimal-Height
Table Layout. INFORMS Journal on Computing 27(3):449-461. 
(Comparison of a number of different algorithms that are guaranteed to 
find the optimal solution)

Marriott, K., Moulder, P., and Hurst, N. 2013. HTML automatic table 
layout. ACM Trans. Web 7, 1, Article 4
(March 2013), 27 pages.
(Comparison of traditional HTML table layout to a specific constraint-
solving algorithm that is fast and gives consistently better results)

Gange, G., Marriott, K.G., Stuckey, P.J., 2012, Optimal guillotine 
layout, Proceedings of the 2012 ACM Symposium on Document Engineering, 4 
September 2012 to 7 September 2012, Association for Computing Machinery, 
New York NY USA, pp. 13-22.
(For grid layout with fixed-width columns, rather than for tables: A 
method to automatically determine the number of rows and columns that 
each cell should span, to arrive at the most compact layout overall)

One particular implementation of a constraint solving algorithm is 
Cassowary[1], which is available as a polyfill, complete with a syntax 
to try it out from within CSS: http://gridstylesheets.org/

[1] http://constraints.cs.washington.edu/cassowary/

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