Re: [css-grid] A few comments

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 7:51 AM, Christian Biesinger
<> wrote:
> Hi there!
> I've done a read through the entire grid spec now, and would like to
> offer some feedback:
> 1) There's a few places where named grid areas are used, and it comes
> in three different flavors -- it can be part of a string
> (grid-template-areas), it can be quoted using square brackets
> (grid-template-{columns,rows}) or can be unquoted (grid-area, grid-row
> and others).
> I was wondering if it would be easier for authors if they shared a
> more common format? E.g. always require quoting in [brackets],
> including the grid-template-areas ("[foo] [foo]")?

The [foo] syntax is for declaring named lines, not areas - you'll
notice that in the big ascii-art 'grid' clause, you can do both.

> 2) 10.1.3 in the last example
> (
> As this example comes before the normative definition of how the spans
> are resolved, maybe it would be helpful if the comment elaborated a
> little bit further on how the "span text 2" line is selected. E.g.:
> "Look forward from the start and take the second line named text"

Sure, fixed.

> 3) 12.5 ( Why are these
> properties (justify-content, align-content) fully defined here,
> instead of referring to css-align like the previous two sections do,
> for justify-{self,items} and align-{self, items}?

Oversight, mostly.  It *should* just defer to Align the same as the
previous sections. The little bits of normative clarification here
need to be moved to Align.


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