Re: [css-round-display] Add 'auto' to 'polar-anchor' and make it as initial value

Brad Kemper

On Apr 21, 2016, at 1:56 AM, Jihye Hong <> wrote:

>> Assuming I am not confusing 'polar-anchor'
>> with 'polar-origin', as I often do, 'polar-anchor: center' should be what
>> lines up the center of the element with the center of the containing
> block.
>> Since positioned items are not centered by default, the initial value
>> should be 'polar-anchor: auto'.
> 'polar-anchor' is the element's representative point(anchor point) when it
> is positioned in the containing block.
> 'polar-anchor' can set the anchor point within the content area of the
> element.

Aargh. We really need better names. I was thinking 'anchor' was where you anchor it in the containing block, and 'origin' was the representative point in the element itself. My entire reply was based on this confusion of the very similar meanings of the two words.  

I still think 'polar-anchor' (the changing of the representative point) does nothing significantly different than than 'transform: translate', and that we don't need both. But even if we keep it, it should be renamed 'nudge' or something similar, to represent its actual effect on elements. 

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