Re: [css-grid] Reduced Subgrid Proposal


first, big thanks for working on this! :-)

On 15/04/16 00:35, fantasai wrote:
> Major Use Cases Not Handled
> ===========================
>   Requiring subgrids to work in both axes at once means
>   the following use case cannot be handled:
>   header  header
>   sidebar main
>   footer  footer
>   where main is a catalog whose columns line up with
>   content in the header and footer (and therefore need
>   to be part of the main grid) but whose rows are auto
>   flow, and therefore need to be independent of the
>   main grid. Without single-axis subgridding, we can't
>   add rows to main without disrupting the alignment of
>   main to sidebar and the placement of footer.

What will happen with this in the future?

If we eventually want to support something like that, the new syntax
"display: subgrid;" might be an issue.
I'm not sure how important is this use case, but if we want to support
it at some point (level 2), we should think in the syntax beforehand.


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