RE: [css-text] Amending hanging-punctuation for Western typography

On 2016-04-07 John Hudson wrote:
> OpenType has registered GPOS features for optical margin alignment, so
> in theory a font can contain explicit information for beginning- and
> end-of-line adjustments to be made.
> If optical margin alignment were implemented in CSS in such a way that
> browsers were to check for the presence of either/or <ltbd> Left Bounds
> and <rtbd> Right bounds layout features* in a font before falling back
> to algorithmic margin alignment, that would at least open the
> possibility to font developers to include such data in their fonts.


I agree this should be specified directly in the font itself and if not, a fallback is applied.

There could be two fallback levels.

(1) The basic one would use hardcoded values.

(2) The advanced would determine required character protrusion by some algorithm (if possible and reliable for any character yet not patented by Adobe). This could be implemented in browsers by a handy polyfill, which would enable this advanced functionality for any font. 

That algorithm could be used by font designers to fix their fonts by one click ;-)


Received on Thursday, 7 April 2016 18:39:32 UTC