RE: [css-break] Breaking inside an inline-block element?

> > I think we shouldn't break inside inline-blocks (unless of course they
> > have fragmentainers of their own inside them).
> Okay, I've clarified that
>    a) monolithic elements trap forced breaks
>    b) inline-level formatting context roots may be treated as monolithic
>    # Such content is considered monolithic: it contains no possible break
>    # points. <ins>Any forced breaks within such boxes therefore cannot
>    # split the box, and must therefore also be ignored by the box’s own
>    # fragmentation context.</ins>
>    # ...
>    # Since line boxes contain no possible break points, inline-block and
>    # inline-table boxes (and other inline-level display types that
>    # establish a new formatting context) may also be considered monolithic.
> Let me know if this looks okay, or if I should tweak any of the wording
> further.
> Thanks~
> ~fantasai

This seems to provide clear guidance regarding the issue I had. You can consider this issue fixed for me, thanks.

Received on Thursday, 8 October 2015 04:07:51 UTC