Re: [css-break] extending 'break-before'

On 3/11/15, 10:43 AM, "Brad Kemper" <> wrote:

>Right now, 'break-before' and 'break-after' can avoid or force a column 
>break, region break, or page break. I would like something before that to 
>influence line breaking due to auto wrapping. So for instance, the actual 
>use case where this came up for me:
><p><input type=radio value=yes /> <label>Yep</label> <input type=radio 
>value=no /> <label>Nope</label></p>
>The html doesn't have spans around each input/label group, otherwise I 
>would set each group to be 'white-space:nowrap', so that the label always 
>stays on the same line as its associated input. So instead, I'd like to 
>do this:
>input[type=radio] + label {
>    break-before: avoid-line;
>So that when a label follows a radio button, it will not wrap the line in 
>a way that breaks between them, unless it absolutely has to in order to 
>make things fit. That would actually be better than the white-space 
>version, because it would still allow breaking between if the paragraph 
>was narrower than the input/label combination. 
>A side effect would be that 'avoid-line' would also keep it from breaking 
>for columns, regions, and pages too, since those breaks also break lines. 
>So we wouldn't necessarily need to retrofit the 'avoid' keyword (as in, 
>avoid breaking for columns, regions, and pages) to also avoid line 
>Has this been considered before? I saw the note that line-breaks are not 
>covered by this spec, but I would like to be able to use those same 
>'break-*' properties. 
>I don't think we would need a corresponding 'break-inside' value, since 
>'white-space:nowrap' would be close enough.

Take a look at wrap-before/wrap-after/wrap-inside in the latest text level 
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