RE: [css-round-display] position: polar is weird

Hi Seongbeom,

Thank you for the feedback on css-round-display.

> On 19 Jun 2015, at 06:28, Bang Seongbeom <> wrote:
> Position properties set themselves position, not for their children.
> Other "position" property's values set themselves.
> It's natural that the element has "position: polar" with polar-angle and polar-distance.

As you pointed out, "position" property should be defined on the children. Florian already gave us the feedback[1], and we are internally working on that. It'll be updated in the css-round-display spec soon.

Thank you for your feedback once again. Feel free to give us any feedbacks, any time.

 - Hyojin

[1] (#19 is related to your feedback)

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