Re: [css-ui-3][css-backgrounds-3][css-box][css-shape] Is the border box rounded by border-radius?

On 6/16/15, 8:30 AM, "Florian Rivoal" <> wrote:

>I was writing tests for css-ui-3, and ran into an ambiguity.
>About the cursor property, css-ui says this:
>  "This property specifies the type of cursor to be
>   displayed for the pointing device when within the
>   element’s border-box."

Perhaps it should say something like “when within the area clipped by the
element’s border edge” and use this definition:

>I first assumed that the border-box was the rectangular bounding box that
>includes the borders, so applying border-radius would not change the area
>over which the cursor property applies.
>However, that's not what browsers do, and they don't apply the cursor
>outside of the actual rounded border.
>I haven't been able to find a spec defining border-box well enough to say
>if it is always a rectangle (in which case css-ui-3 should be changed to
>match what browsers do), or if it does follow the border-radius (in which
>case css-ui-3 is fine).
>css21 doesn't know about border radius.
>css-backgrounds-3 doesn't say.
>css-box says the border box is always a rectangle even in the presence of
>border-radius, but that spec cannot be relied on.
>css-shapes says that when used as a value of <shape-box>, border-box
>means following the border-radius. But I am not using it as a value of
><shape-box>, just as an abstract notion, so that definition doesn't apply.
>So, is css-ui-3 using a correct but unwritten definition of border-box,
>or should it switch to some other term?
> - Florian

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