Re: [css-snappoints] Interaction of scroll-snap-coordinate and snap-points-x/y: repeat()

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 8:33 AM, Simon Fraser <> wrote:

> The scroll snap draft[1] doesn’t describe the interaction between
> snap-points-x/y and scroll-snap-coordinate on children. For example:
> <div style=“overflow: scroll; scroll-snap-points-x: repeat(100px)”>
>   <div style="scroll-snap-coordinate: 0 0”; margin-left: 20px;></div>
>   ...
> </div>
> Does scrolling snap to 20px? In other words, if descendant elements have
> "scroll-snap-coordinate”, how does that interact with
> scroll-snap-points-x/y on the enclosing scroller?

They should get added to the set of possible snapping positions.

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