Re: [css-flexbox] LCWD: Notifier call for review

On 06/04/2015 02:21 PM, timeless wrote:
> Example 5, the first example has 4 overrunning its box (FF 38.0.5), is
> that intended? -- If it is, a note explaining why would be helpful.

I believe this is intended; it's to illustrate that "flex-flow:row" does
not have wrapping behavior (which means flex items that don't fit will
run off the end, as shown in the sample rendering).

This is as compared to the other "flex-flow" values that do allow
wrapping, and hence wrap instead of overflowing on the first line.

(There already kind of is a note explaining it -- "Main-axis is inline,
no wrap" in the descriptive comment with the CSS.)

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