[css-flexbox] LCWD: Notifier call for review


> /* dynamically collapse submenus when not targetted [sic] */


> In a multi-line flex container (even one with only a single line),
> the cross size of each line is the minimum size necessary to contain the flex items on the line
> (after aligment [sic] due to align-self),


>    When a multi-line colum [sic] flex container breaks,


>     Aside from the rearrangement of items imposed by the previous point,
> UAs should attempt to minimize distortation [sic] of the flex container with respect to unfragmented flow.

distortion ?

> Here’s an example of a catalog where each item has
> a title, an [sic] photo, a description, and a purchase button.

> #deals {
>  display: flex;        /* Flex layout so items have equal height  */
>   flex-flow: row wrap;  /* Allow items to wrap into multiple lines */
> }

this sample in Example 1, renders the `#deals` to the right of the `{`
in Firefox 38.0.5, which is really painful.

> None of the properties defined in this module apply to the
> ::first-line or ::first-letter pseudo-elements.

why isn't ::first-letter a link?

> However, an anonymous flex item that contains only white space (i.e. characters that can be affected by the white-space property) is not rendered, as if it were display:none.

"is not rendered,  as if it were display:none" -- while this probably
isn't technically ambiguous, it's a pain in my neck to reason through,
I'd request you rewrite it to avoid having `not` precede `as if`; does
this mean the same as what you intended:

However, an anonymous flex item that contains only white space is
treated as if it were display:none, i.e. it is not rendered.

Example 2 doesn't include a demo, while I'm sure i could copy this out
and make one, is there a reason not to include the demo?

> However, it does participate in the reordering step (see order), which has an effect in their painting order.

in -> on

Example 3 doesn't seem to be an example. There's neither code nor a
demo visible.


This green thing is rendered like a `Note` but doesn't say it's a
Note, and it's written to sound like a definition, which is quite
confusing. What is it?

Example 4 might benefit from a note explaining that the general figure
intentionally grows when :hover is applied to /something/ within the
box... (but that it retains that general size when you shift the
:hover within it...)

> This determines the direction that flex items are laid out in.

Personally I'd favor:

This determines the direction in which flex items are laid out.

Example 5, the first example has 4 overrunning its box (FF 38.0.5), is
that intended? -- If it is, a note explaining why would be helpful.

[I'll try to send comments on §6ff later]

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