[css-round-display] comments on CSS round

With new devices popping up all over now with different screens of shapes
and sizes would it make more sense for these changes to have further
clarity around different display shapes?

For example there are half moon shaped watches, oblong screens and also VR
headsets which use different shapes.

Issues for different screen shapes

   - No media queries for the different device profiles
   - Display is defined as circle(50% at 50%, 50%) in a regular round
   display further clarity would be needed around display shape.
   - Polar position doesn't always apply here
   - Some form of CSSOM shape interface for JavaScript would likely be


   - Code example issue in Example 4

#container { #shape-inside: display; // the same as circle(50% at 50%, 50%)
in a regular round display }

This should likely just be shape-inside: display; without the #.

   - The Example 6 code is likely the wrong way around:

<div id="circle1" style="polar-angle: 0deg; polar-distance: 20%"></div> <div
id="circle2" style="polar-angle: 90deg; polar-distance: 50%"></div>

Polar distance should be swapped to be:

 <div id="circle1" style="polar-angle: 0deg; polar-distance: 50%"></div> <
div id="circle2" style="polar-angle: 90deg; polar-distance: 20%"></div>

To match the image provided.

I also thing due to the form factor of the device hit-testing becomes a far
more important issue:

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