Re: multiple values for FONT similar to font-family

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 6:45 AM, Onur TOPAL <> wrote:
> I am hopping this is the correct place for CSS3 suggestions. I am pretty
> sure I cannot be the only one who needs this but just in case. Can you
> please add multiple values for font so in case of fallback it will choose
> other font sizes as well.
> For example:
> font: 1em "Calibri Light", 0.9em Arial, sans-serif; so when browser cannot
> find the calibri it uses Arial but instead of 1em this time 0.9em as the
> size of Arial is different.
> this will have perfect for responsive design

As Gerard pointed out (in a message that broke threading, which is why
I'm directly responding again), you probably want to use
'font-size-adjust'.  Usually, when you're dealing with fonts that are
"different size" when given the same font-size, what you're trying to
do is match up the "x-height", as that is an important visual cue when
reading, and it disturbs our eyes to see it change within a line.
font-size-adjust does does for you automatically.


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