Re: [css-animations] Error with animation-fill-mode

On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Tyler Hibbard <> wrote:
> There is an egregious typo in the spec for animation-fill-mode directions.
> The current values include "forwards" and "backwards", which are simply
> wrong. I implore you to deprecate these values and replace them with the
> correct spellings, "forward" and "backward", in the next revision of the
> specification.

For a second I thought there was a mismatch somewhere, where the
property had been defined to use one form of the word, but we were
using a different form to refer to it elsewhere.

But no, the spec consistently uses "forwards" and "backwards".  That's
not a misspelling, it's intentional, and definitely not wrong.
"forward" and "backward" would *also* be reasonably correct, but
they're not obviously preferred.  It's common in English to say that
something is, for example, "going backwards".

There's no reason to cause confusion by introducing another pair of
keywords that just omit the "s".


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