Re: [css-text] E: Follow-up on Balance Text Proposal

On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 12:49 PM, Greg Whitworth <> wrote:

> > Hi folks,
> > Randy Edmunds made the Balance Text Proposal a while back, which goes
> hand in hand with a polyfill.
> > Balanced headlines are of paramount importance by designers here at The
> Times. We've employed the polyfill on a site we launched today, and will be
> using it in the future to fill this need.
> > I'd love to see this standardized in CSS spec.
> I have added the [css-text] to the subject so it gets archived accordingly.
> I really like this design and know firsthand that writers/designers feel a
> ton of pain with widowed words. I can't count how many times I had to
> insert manual line breaks to make the paragraph look like their designs. I
> suggest, if possible that this get included in css-text-4 unless there are
> lower level APIs to achieve the same result. That said, I like the
> simplicity of this design.
This is a major pain point in ebooks, with chapter titles etc. Sometimes
we're so desperate that we insert break elements in headlines, even knowing
that bad things may happen at extreme font sizes. I also like the
simplicity of this proposal.


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