[css-text] E: Follow-up on Balance Text Proposal

> Hi folks,
> Randy Edmunds made the Balance Text Proposal a while back, which goes hand in hand with a polyfill. 
> Balanced headlines are of paramount importance by designers here at The Times. We've employed the polyfill on a site we launched today, and will be using it in the future to fill this need. 
> I'd love to see this standardized in CSS spec.

I have added the [css-text] to the subject so it gets archived accordingly.

I really like this design and know firsthand that writers/designers feel a ton of pain with widowed words. I can't count how many times I had to insert manual line breaks to make the paragraph look like their designs. I suggest, if possible that this get included in css-text-4 unless there are lower level APIs to achieve the same result. That said, I like the simplicity of this design.


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