Re: [css-text] I18N-ISSUE-321: Naming of "start end"

On 01/24/2014 10:26 AM, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> State:
>      OPEN WG Comment
> Product:
>      CSS3-text
> Raised by:
>      Richard Ishida
> Opened on:
>      2013-12-11
> Description:
>      7.1. Text Alignment: the ‘text-align’ property
>      I think it would be more consistent, and less confusing, if the value 'start end' was called start-end (ie. add a hyphen).

We will consider your feedback, however since this isn't
particularly more understandable than the existing name,
I think we will still have to remove the feature as
mentioned in the issue. :)

>      (I'm curious what is the use case for this, btw.)

Spanish poetry was the main one.


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