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Re: [css-figures][css-multicol][css-overflow] Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps

From: Rafał Pietrak <rafal@ztk-rp.eu>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 15:14:15 +0200
Message-ID: <53D4FB27.30506@ztk-rp.eu>
To: www-style@w3.org

W dniu 26.07.2014 18:38, Brad Kemper pisze:
> I think this would be expressed in CSS as an auto-width, auto-height 
> container, with forced breaks at the end of each article, and 
> 'overflow:paged-x'. But I don't know how you would get something 
> similar if you wanted fixed height pages on the desktop that scrolled 
> normally within each article, with vertical scrollbars as needed when 
> the article was taller than the fixed height page. Is that possible? 
> How would you do that otherwise, where each page was exactly one 
> article? Would that only work with 'article { height: auto; }? 

Speaking as an ocassional web-pages author: I would apreaciate if I 
could css-declare: "body {column-count:1}", and as a consequence get an 
"e-book reader" like page behavior, meaning:

1. vertical scroller *disapear*, and column height hard-equal to the 
current viewport height.

2. horizontal scroller show up (if content overflows the one visible column)

3. scroll the content "page by page" horizontally ... with a little of 
"sticky gravity" at the column-edge to viewport-vertical-edge alignment.

... and have it consistantly that way if I choose other then "1" for a 
number of columns.

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