Re: HTML <fieldset> rendering

17.01.2014, 03:35, "Robert O'Callahan" <>:
> Browsers already support a prefixed "appearance" property whose "none" value does what you want.
> However, this doesn't help address the issues I raised.

As far as I understand, the issue this thread is dedicated to is that styles are applied to special elements like FIELDSET inconsistently across browsers.

As long as `appearance: none` removes any special styling and makes styles to apply consistently across browsers, the issue _is_ resolved.

The only problem I see is that the `appearance` property is currently nonstandard, prefixed, not implemented in all browsers (Gecko and WebKit only), and therefore not future-proof and in fact almost cannot be used in practice.

So probably the best thing you as implementor can do now to resolve special-elements' styling inconsistency is to put efforts into standardizing the `appearance` property (or its equivalent).

For the standardizing to happen, it will probably be helpful to greatly simplify its spec definition (compared with the too littered one that already was in a draft and then has been dropped) by narrowing it down (at least for now) to just two general values: `native` and `none`.

    * `native` is the default value and enables special styling for elements like FIELDSET, LEGEND, BUTTON, INPUT, etc.;

    * `none` removes any special styling, thus making the element to look and be styleable consistently like DIV.

Once `appearance: none` is standardized and implemented/unprefixed in all browsers, you as implementor should not worry about styling special elements like FIELDSET anymore.

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