Re: [css-ruby] What does it mean for "ruby-position: inter-character" to force writing-mode to be vertical?

Great to see we're in consensus now.

On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 3:00 AM, Daniel Holbert <> wrote:
> In this case, the desired inter-property influence seems to be:
>    For any element with a computed "display" of
>    "ruby-text-container" *and* a computed "ruby-position"
>    of "inter-character", the UA must force the computed
>    "writing-mode" to be $SOME_VERTICAL_WRITING_MODE.

The ruby-position inherits, but display doesn't. If we make the
computed value of 'writing-mode' of the ruby annotation container to
be 'vertical-rl', that should inherit to its descendants. Does this

I chose 'vertical-rl', since it's the natural vertical flow in Taiwan,
where the inter-character is used. It could also reduce the
interoperability risks if 'sideways' is ever used.

Fix is here:


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